Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wonderland illustrations


This image above is my entry for the Fabric8 contest presented by Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman Fabrics with a theme: Pen & Ink. The theme of the contest is modern fabric designs that evoke the style of pen & ink drawings colored with watercolor paints. I was very enthusiastic about this theme as I really love working in this medium and couldn't wait to start sketching and drawing.Between April 24th and May 1st, representatives from the sponsors will choose 100 designs for the first round of voting. Audiences around the world will then have a chance to vote for their favorite fabric designs on the Spoonflower site Those votes will determine the final eight designers, each of whom will be asked to develop a collection of eight fabrics based on their original designs by June 5, 2012. Between June 7-13, the fabric-loving world will choose its favorite collection. The winner will be offered a contract from Robert Kaufman Fabrics along with $1000 advance against royalties and a Wacom professional digital drawing tablet.

ink drawing inkish
Wonderland is an "never ending to inspire" theme for me. I particularly like the feeling to belong there, as the famous quote:"we are all mad here" is pretty much the way I breathe and live;)I think that an average "normal" person wouldn't be capable of living the way the artists and other creative workaholics with family aside - live. And that sort of positive insanity is the only way I can imagine living a life.

I have recently exibited some of my big charcoal drawings with this theme and I have previously created the whole series of different garment and accessories pieces and there is a cute clip made by my friend, showing it all... Regarding the illustrations: I draw all the illustrations by hand, with inks and watercolors, scanned them and than I have manipulated them further in Photoshop. I firstly created the doily background and then layered the other parts. I'm really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to complete the whole collection of prints @ Spoonflower. So, here are a few details of my entry, as there are really many making this design so special and precious for me. I will post the other prints in the next round:)
 wonderland detail wonderland detail wonderland detail wonderland detail wonderland detail wonderland detail wonderland detail wonderland detail wonderland detail wonderland detail

K. xx

"Flickering shadows" exhibition

Opening of the exhibition

Yesterday was the opening of my exhibition "Flickering shadows", as I mentioned in my previous post. I am so relived now that it is officially opened and that after months of work I can finally move toward. The paintings were inspired by my 2 daughters and some branches and leaves shadows....So, here are a few pics from the opening and the paintings. Hope you'll like them;)

Opening of the exhibition

Opening of the exhibition

Opening of the exhibition

Opening of the exhibition

"Hazy reflections"


"Shadow dance"



"In a misty morning"

"Flickering shadows"






Big composition.... in work

me painting